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A wart is a growth/eruption in on the foot caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They are very common and can occur at any age and can be commonly picked up in public swimming centres, and change rooms.

This virus is easily passed on from one family member to another. Some warts spontaneously disappear as the body builds up its own immune defences. However, most warts remain and may even spread to other areas of the foot. They can be painful particularly if they are on a weight bearing area of the foot. Warts generally have a rough texture and can look like a solid blister or a cauliflower. They often have tiny black spots in them and these are little blood vessels (capillary heads). Warts often getting mistaken for corns/ callouses (hard skin).

There are various ways of treating wart, it is strongly advised to visit Coburg Podiatry regarding most suitable treatment for you. Don’t become complacent about warts on your feet. They often multiply and spread making them more difficult to treat.

When should I get treatment?
• The wart causes pain
• bleeds easily
• changes appearance
• spreads easily to other parts of the body
• comes back after prior removal
• appears in an area that leads to constant bumping and bleeding
• Don’t like the appearance

What does treatment involve?
At Coburg Podiatry our podiatrist will use a range of different treatments depending on the patients age and skin texture, size and type of wart and individual pain tolerance.