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A wart is a growth/eruption in on the foot caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They are very common and can occur at any age and can be commonly picked up in public swimming centres, and change rooms.

This virus is easily passed on from one family member to another. Some warts spontaneously disappear as the body builds up its own immune defences. However, most warts remain and may even spread to other areas of the foot. They can be painful particularly if they are on a weight bearing area of the foot.

There are various ways of treating wart, it is strongly advised to visit a podiatrist regarding most suitable treatment for you. Don’t become complacent about warts on your feet. They often multiply and spread making them more difficult to treat.


Calluses & Corns

A callus or corn is a toughened area of skin which has become thick and hard in response to repeated friction.



Your podiatrist can treat the callus by removing it with a scalpel to remove all the hardened skin. This is a painless procedure and allows you to walk straight away.

Because calluses and corns are often indicators of underlying problems it is advisable to get advice and treatment from your podiatrist

Over the counter corn cures are rarely effective and may damage surrounding skin. Your podiatrist will help to identify the cause, reduce discomfort and reduce pressure to prevent recurrence.