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Flat-feet (flat inner arches) are a very common variant in foot posture that often cause concern to parents, athletes and people who experience pain in their legs or feet. Many people with flat-arches don’t have pain or disability, however others can experience aches and pains and flat arches can lead to some well-recognised injuries such affect the knee and foot. Flat-arches are generally a characteristic that’s inherited (i.e. from their parents), however sometimes people develop flat-feet because of tendon problems or some type of accident.

Another important fact to be aware of is that all babies and toddlers have relatively flat-arches. Therefore, when we treat babies/toddlers, we do so with an awareness that the child’s arch will change over time and they may well develop a very normal arch.

Treatment usually involves footwear changes and implementation of specialised shoe inserts, known as orthotics.